TV Recap: ‘The Following’ Episode 106 – ‘The Fall’

TV Recap: ‘The Following’ Episode 106 – ‘The Fall’

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Paul takes Hardy’s gun, and they both tell Joey to go back to his room. Jacob and Emma come back and tell Paul that Hank and the cop are dead. They ask Hardy who else knows that he is there. He tells them just him. And the FBI, the local cops, the ATF, and the SWAT team.

They threaten to kill Hardy, but all he cares about is Joey’s safety. Hardy tells Jacob, Paul, and Emma that none of them are making it out alive.

Claire is brought to an old warehouse. The man who picked her up is named Charlie, and he has been following her for two years at Joe’s request. He calls himself Claire’s “follower”, and he seems to be quite smitten with her. He shows here notebooks full of meticulous notes on her activities. He even has videos he took her, including at the park with Joey, and even in her bedroom.

Emma has drugged Joey and he is asleep upstairs. Weston is trying to trace the internet signal based off an email that Emma has sent to Roderick for further instruction. Emma is worried that since Hank is dead, maybe Roderick will not sent anyone else for them.

Olivia wants to know what Joe has her involved in. Joe tells her that her statement has set off a chain of events that led to the kidnapping of Claire. Olivia doesn’t want to know any more details.

Emma wants Hardy to call the cops and tell them to back down. Hardy refuses, saying they have no leverage. Emma brings up their leverage, Megan. Hardy calls Weston. Emma threatens to kill Megan and Hardy if they do not back down. Parker starts talking to Emma about the artwork she did at the safe house. Parker is trying to connect with Emma about her mother, but Emma isn’t falling for it. It was actually quite a pitiful attempt. Hostage negotiation 101 type material.

Flashbacks are shown of Parker going back to some compound a few years back to talk to her parents. Even older flashbacks show suggesting that Parker’s family was in some kind of sex cult commune. Her parents are mad at her for leaving in the middle of the night, and almost losing their standing in the community. Parker tells her parents she loves them, and then leaves.

Roderick emails Emma, telling her to stay off the internet and that he will call on the phone. Emma now needs to stall the police, so she calls Parker and tries to talk to her about her mother. Parker knows that Emma is full of it, but plays along anyway. Parker believes that Emma is replacing one parent with another, Joe for her dead mother. Emma hangs up, and Parker has deduced that Emma was just stalling for time. It’s true, but she basically comes up with that out of nowhere.

The whole time that Hardy and Megan are being held, Hardy is trying to play Paul, Jacob, and Emma against each other. He makes comments about the three-way relationship, and asks Jacob if he is gay.

Things are unraveling for the three until Emma receives a phone call. In all the turmoil, Hardy has grabbed a knife from the counter. Emma goes to wake up Joey, telling Jacob and Paul that everything is going to be ok.

Weston was able to track an email from Charlie to the group asking where they are, and have determined the location. Charlie is on the phone with Roderick, and Claire grabs his keys and escapes, only to be caught by Charlie.

Claire butters up to Charlie, figuring out that he is infatuated with her. She is able to get Charlie to tell her that Roderick is a friend of Joe’s. Claire knows that Roderick is not his real name, and is another Poe character. It seems as though Charlie is about to take her to Joey when the police show up, and Charlie escapes.

Jacob goes to check on Emma and Joey, but they are gone. Emma has left Jacob and Paul behind. Hardy, now free of his restraints, stabs Paul, and knocks out Jacob. Hardy frees Megan, and the police rescue her.

Hardy has fled the house and tells Weston that Emma and Joey are on the run. Weston and the local female cop find Emma and Joey, but the female cop shoots Weston, revealing that Roderick sent her. Hardy arrives to find Weston down, but he was hit in his bulletproof vest, so Hardy gives chase to Emma. He finds Emma and the cop, and shoots the cop, but Emma and Joey escape. Hardy’s heart is beating too fast, and he can’t catch them.

Meanwhile, two of Roderick’s associates kill some of the SWAT members and steal their gear. When the SWAT team rushes the house, the imposter SWAT members kill the surging SWAT team, and help Jacob and Paul escape. Jacob calls Emma and wants to know why she left them. Emma is crying but does not answer them. Paul thanks Jacob for not leaving him, as he is bleeding in the car.

Joe tells Olivia it is time for the next part of the story. Olivia holds a press conference alleging abuse against her client by the FBI.

A very busy episode with lots of twists and turns. Quite a few more followers of Joe were established in this episode, though it is unclear if they will be major players or not. The female cop is most likely dead, and Jacob and Paul’s roles seem very watered down at this point. If Paul even survives. The teaser for next week involves Joe being transferred out of his current jail. A daring escape seems obvious and necessary for the story to continue.