TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 116 – ‘Dead to Rights’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 116 – ‘Dead to Rights’

Dead to Rights

Oliver kills an assassin who has come to Starling City to carry out orders. His name is Guillermo Berrera, and he was on the list. The police arrive, but Oliver escapes. He gives Felicity the man’s phone to try and figure out who the intended target was.

Oliver and McKenna go to Tommy and Laurel’s to celebrate Tommy’s birthday. Their evening is interrupted by Malcolm, who tries to apologize to Tommy. Malcolm is being given a humanitarian award, and wants Tommy to attend, but is turned down.

China White contacts Floyd Lawton about murdering Malcolm Merlyn since her original assassin is now dead. Lawton says his eyesight is shot, but White gives him a new optic eye.

Moira informs Frank that Malcolm will be killed at his award ceremony. Frank feels it is too public, but Moira assures him no one will be expecting it.

Felicity is able to find that the assassin’s last call was to the Jade Dragon restaurant, a front for the Chinese mafia. Oliver takes Tommy there for dinner, so he can check the place out. Oliver excuses himself to the restroom, and follows a man back to the office. He attacks the two men, and is able to find out that the murder will be happening the following day. He still does not know who the target is.

Oliver, as The Hood, calls Quentin and tells him about the plot. Quentin tells him to get back to him when he has a name.

Tommy, after talking with Oliver at dinner, decides to go to Malcolm’s awards gala. After he leaves, Laurel receives a call from her mother, but she does not answer it.

Felicity is finally able to get into the phone, and they find out that Malcolm is the target. Oliver, as The Hood, calls Quentin to let him know.

After Malcolm accepts his award and gives his speech, China White sets off the fire alarm. As everyone is evacuating, her men take out Malcolm’s security guards. Malcolm grabs Tommy and they head to the second floor.

They are attacked by more of China White’s men, but The Hood shows up to help Tommy and Malcolm escape to his safe room. China White confronts The Hood, and they fight. The Hood has White in his control when McKenna arrives. The Hood shoots a fire extinguisher to provide cover as he disappears.

Malcolm kills two men as he and Tommy are going to the safe room. Malcolm explains that the room is bulletproof and on a completely different power grid. Deadshot shoots out one of the bulletproof windows from a nearby roof. He shoots Malcolm multiple times.

Malcolm is wearing a bulletproof vest and tells Tommy he is ok, but he soon passes out (or dies as I originally thought). The Hood shows up and sees that the bullets are laced with poison. He tells Tommy he needs to give his father a blood transfusion. Tommy holds a gun on The Hood, until he reveals himself as Oliver. Oliver helps Tommy give his father the blood transfusion, and Malcolm survives.

Oliver tells Diggle that Lawton is back. He was the “evil archer” from episode 3. He also apparently killed Diggle’s brother. I don’t recall them mentioning this before, but it was over 3 months ago. I may have just forgotten. But thankfully Felicity didn’t know, so we were reminded.

At the hospital, Tommy tells Malcolm that he was shot with poisoned bullets and that The Hood saved his life. Oliver and McKenna agree that their lives are hectic, but they still want their relationship to work. Moira visits Malcolm, and he tells her to find the traitor in their group.

Laurel is leaving her apartment to visit Malcolm, when her mother shows up. She tells Laurel that Sarah may still be alive.

The flashback portion of this episode involves Oliver trying to fix Slade’s radio so they can call for help. Oliver fixes the radio, but it is unable to call out. They accidentally stumble onto Fyre’s radio frequency, and hear him talking about something called a Scylla. Slade and Oliver investigate, and find a giant Russian missile launcher.