TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 312 – ‘Clear’

TV RECAP: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 312 – ‘Clear’

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This episode revolves solely around Rick, Michonne, and Carl going into town to pick up supplies. On the way to town, they see a man who flags them down for help. They pass him by and keep going.

The car gets stuck in the mud, and they are attacked by walkers. They manage to kill all of them, and get the car dislodged just as the man they passed is running down the street towards them. They leave him behind yet again.

Carl asks Rick why they brought Michonne with them. Rick wants to keep her and Merle separate while he is not at the prison.

They arrive at Rick’s old police station, but find that all the weapons and ammunition are gone. Rick knows a few other places they can look. On the way they find a trail that leads them to a Mad Max inspired compound.

As they look around, a masked man on the roof yells for them to leave. A gunfight ensues, and in all the commotion, Carl ends up shooting the man. Rick unmasks the man to reveal Morgan, the man who saved Rick when he left the hospital.

Morgan was wearing wooden armor, so he is not dead, just in an inexplicable, lengthy coma of some sort. They bring him inside, being careful to avoid all of his booby traps. They also find that Morgan was stockpiling guns, ammo, and grenades.

Rick finds the walkie he gave Morgan when they went their separate ways. Rick wants to wait for him to wake up so they can try and help him. Carl wants to go find a crib for Judith. Michonne tells Rick she will go with him.

Carl is clearly up to something, and acting like a whiny brat to Michonne. Carl goes past the baby store, and ends up at the King County Café. Carl wants to go in to get something, and Michonne helps him. Carl was going for a picture of him and his parents that was hanging about the counter.

They distract the walkers inside and go in to grab the picture. They end up surrounded by walkers, and manage to escape, but Carl has dropped the picture. Michonne goes back in and gets it for him, as well as some ugly rainbow cat or giraffe that she said she couldn’t pass up.

While they are gone, Morgan wakes up and tries to kill Rick. He manages to stab Rick, but Rick fights him off. Morgan is a rambling crazy man, but eventually remembers Rick. Morgan has lost his son and tells a story about how he could have saved him and killed his walker wife, but did not.

Morgan tells Rick that the good people always die, and the bad people too. But the weak have inherited the earth. Morgan wants Rick to kill him, but Rick won’t do it. He wants to help Morgan. Morgan keeps saying he has to clear. I have no idea what that means.

Carl and Michonne return with a crib, and Rick helps them pack up the car. Carl tells Rick that he thinks Michonne is one of them. As they are driving back, they pass the remains of the backpacker, who has been eaten by zombies. They stop and grab his backpack, and keep going.

It was very odd to have this almost stand alone episode that focused on just a few people. A heavy dose of Carl was not what my doctor ordered. And the inclusion of Morgan made no sense, unless he’s going to come back at some point. Next week they promise a battle with Woodbury, so hopefully some more action is on tap.