TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 108 – ‘Welcome Home’

TV RECAP: ‘The Following’ Episode 108 – ‘Welcome Home’

following welcome home

Joey awakes to find Joe watching him sleep. Joe talks to Joey, trying to get him to trust him. He apologizes for Claire not being there, saying that sometimes plans go awry. Joey is giving him the silent treatment.

Emma reassures Joe, saying that Joey just needs some time to get used to all of this. She informs Joe that everyone is waiting for him. Joe heads to the top of the stairs to see a huge group of people waiting at the bottom, looking up at him as though he were king and they are his subjects.

Emma and Joe are talking outside, when the sheriff pulls up, sirens blasting. The sheriff comes out and hugs Joe. The sheriff of Havenport is none other than Roderick. A flashback is shown where Roderick thanks Joe for taking the fall for two of his own murders.

Roderick shows Joe the things they have done with the building, which is still a work in progress. They have a big tech section in the basement, headed by Charlie. There is also a nice office for Joe to write and hold class.

Roderick has been recruiting on his own, and there are at least a dozen new members that Joe has not met. But everyone is anxious to get started. Joe wants them to get Claire first.

Nick Donovan has been brought in by the FBI to take over the Joe Carroll case. Joe has escaped twice, and it is making the FBI look bad. Donovan reminds Hardy that he is just a consultant, and his role will reflect that. All investigations need to be approved by Donovan.

The suspect that Hardy caught when Joe got onto the helicopter will not talk to Donovan. He will only talk to Hardy. The man’s name is David, and he begins spewing random quotes from other serial killers. He tells Hardy that you do not find them, they find you. David then bites down into his hand, and immediately starts convulsing and dies shortly thereafter.

David had a cyanide or poison pill of some sort implanted in his hand. When he bit his hand, he poisoned himself.

Weston and Hardy are investigating on their own when Donovan comes in and asks who hacked his email. Weston did it at Hardy’s request, and Weston is sent home. Hardy wants to take the fall for Weston, but they send Weston home anyway.

Weston heads back to his hotel, but can sense that something isn’t right. When he gets into his hotel room, Louise and Charlie are there.

Hardy cannot reach Weston on his phone, so he goes to the hotel to investigate. He finds Weston’s room empty and trashed. Weston is shown being taken out of a car at a remote location, surrounded by people, including Charlie and Roderick.

Based on the partial license plate from the hotel, they can narrow it down to 9 cars that fit the description. One is at an abandoned shipyard in Newport Harbor. Hardy figures it must be that one since it is the right distance away from the hotel. Donovan reluctantly authorizes Hardy and Parker to go check it out.

Roderick, Charlie, Louise, and some other members have Weston held in a room. Roderick is going to ask Weston some questions, and if he is lying, he will have to fight.

The only question Roderick asks is where Claire is being held. Weston says he doesn’t know. Roderick knows he is lying. The first round is a fight with Charlie. Charlie gets a few uncontested shots in, but Weston holds his own.

Weston continually says he doesn’t know, leading to a second round with metal pipes, and a third round with knives. Weston is beaten pretty badly and ends up getting stabbed by Charlie.

Hardy shows up and starts shooting into the room as Charlie, Louise, and Roderick escape. Weston keeps telling Hardy that he didn’t tell them anything. Weston goes out, and I thought he might be dead.

Donovan is briefing Hardy and Parker as Weston is being loaded into an ambulance. He has a concussion and has lost a lot of blood. He needs surgery, but should be ok. Hardy wants to go to the hospital with him.

Parker arrives at the hospital and Hardy is still there. He says the surgery went well. Parker tells Hardy that Weston is the only one who knows where Claire is, as he had two years in the protection department.

Roderick returns to Joe and tells him that they got nothing, and lost 5 men. Joe is still hopeful that they will find Claire. Charlie apologizes to Joe for letting him down, saying he wanted his life to mean something.

Charlie offers himself as a sacrifice as a gift/apology. Joe tells Charlie that he will always matter, and then stabs Charlie, killing him.

Emma and Joe get closer, but Joe keeps telling Emma that he still loves his wife. Emma tells him she is not there, and they end up having sex. Louise and Roderick appear to be an item as well, and Louise is trying to make Roderick feel better. Roderick starts choking Louise, and she fights him off. They then have sex.