Apple's Developer Conference Sells Out In Minutes, But There's An Alternative

Apple’s Developer Conference Sells Out In Minutes, But There’s An Alternative


If you’re a developer of software for Mac OS X or iOS, the event you probably want to go to is Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco. That is, if you can get a ticket.

Turns out tickets went on sale today and sold out in minutes. That’s great for Apple and those who managed to complete their purchases without errors, but what about the rest of the Apple developer community that’s been left out in the cold?

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. It’s called AltWWDC, is organized by the folks behind Appsterdam, runs June 10-14 and best of all, it’s free.

Some of the folks expected to speak at the event include Mike Lee, Saul Mora, Steve “Scotty” Scott and a couple of my old TUAW colleagues, Brett Terpstra and Victor Agreda, Jr. The event takes place at the downtown campus of San Francisco State University, which is only a block from Moscone Center where Apple’s WWDC is held.

With the popularity of Apple events and the often scarcity of available tickets, it’s great that a group has stepped up and is helping provide an alternative for developers. Because after all, isn’t that one of the important things about a developer community, being able to actually get together in person to exchange ideas and learn? Of course it is.

Tickets for AltWWC are available now.