TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 120 – ‘Home Invasion’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 120 – ‘Home Invasion’

Home Invasion

Deadshot is back in the US, and has already killed a German Ambassador. Diggle goes to his contact with the FBI for information, but she has figured out that Deadshot killed his brother. She tells him to stay away from this or he will be arrested.

A couple planning to testify against schemer Edward Rasmus is killed by a hired assassin, leaving their son Taylor all alone. Laurel agrees to take him in until his grandparents arrive from Australia, keeping him out of an orphanage.

The assassin finds Laurel’s apartment and breaks in, shooting the place up. The Hood busts through a window, saving the day and chasing off the would be killer. Tommy agrees that he, Laurel, and Taylor should stay at the Queens for maximum safety.

Roy goes to the police station to ask Quentin about the vigilante case. When Quentin leaves, Roy takes his police radio. Roy is out on a date with Thea when he hears a call about the vigilante. When Roy arrives he is arrested, as it was a trap to get the radio back. Later on, when Thea comes to pick up Roy, Quentin shows them the bodies of some of the vigilantes “victims”, trying to make them understand that he is still killing people.

Roy confesses to Thea that he wants to do something better with his life, and somehow meeting The Hood will help accomplish this. Thea says she will help him track down The Hood, since it means so much to him.

Oliver and Diggle are planning to catch Deadshot at a meeting he has set up with a potential client. The client is actually an FBI agent setting up a sting. At the last minute, Felicity shows Oliver that Rasmus is planning on leaving the country. Oliver has to choose whether to help Diggle catch Deadshot, or to catch Rasmus.

Oliver chooses to go after Rasmus instead. While Oliver is apprehending Rasmus, Diggle goes alone to try and get Deadshot. Deadshot doesn’t show, and instead kills 4 FBI agents. Diggle chases Deadshot, but is overpowered. Deadshot tells Diggle that when he saw him he knew it was a setup. He doesn’t kill Diggle since there is no money involved. He shows Diggle a tattoo of his brother’s name on his chest, and tells Diggle there is room for his name right underneath.

Oliver comes back to the hideout to find Felicity stitching up Diggle’s face. Diggle is very upset that Oliver chose to once again help Laurel and leave him hanging. Four agents are dead because of Oliver’s selfishness, and it’s always Laurel, everyone else be damned.

Oliver tells Laurel that Rasmus has been arrested and offered a full confession, due to the help of the vigilante. Tommy appears to be quite jealous and wants to leave right away. Laurel decides it is best if they stay the night.

The assassin visits Rasmus at the jail, and kills him. He has to eliminate everyone who has seen his face. He heads to the Queens house, killing a delivery boy and two security guards. Oliver locks Laurel and Tommy in Taylor’s room and goes after the man. They fight, and Oliver eventually kills the man with a fireplace poker.

Tommy confronts Oliver about still being in love with Laurel. Oliver says that it doesn’t matter what his feelings are, because with his lifestyle Laurel will never end up with him. Tommy says that if Laurel finds out Oliver is the vigilante, she will pick Oliver over him.

After Laurel sees Taylor off with his grandparents, Tommy comes out with his bags. He is leaving Laurel, and tells her he doesn’t want this. She tells him if he has changed, then he wouldn’t be serious about this. He tells her that maybe he hasn’t changed as much as they thought he had.

Diggle tells Oliver that they aren’t on the same page anymore, they aren’t even in the same book. Diggle is out, and he leaves.

In the flashback portion of the episode, Shado is teaching Oliver how to shoot a bow and arrow. During the training, they kiss, but Oliver tells her that he loves someone else. As Shado, Oliver, and Slade are contemplating their next move, Yao Fei shows up at their camp. He has led Fyers’ group to them, and tells Oliver his time on this island is at an end.