TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 121 – ‘The Undertaking’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 121 – ‘The Undertaking’

arrow undertaking

Arrow confronts an accountant for a corrupt businessman, stealing his laptop. Felicity is trying to trace the money so they can return to its rightful owners when she finds a weird deposit. On the day that Walter disappeared, a $2 million deposit was made into Dominic Alonso’s account. He is the leader of an underground casino.

Felicity agrees to go to the casino to plant a bug in Alonso’s office. She is caught counting cards (as planned) and does manage to plant the bug. However, they figure out that she is working with someone, and Oliver has to bust in the save her. Alonso tells Oliver that Walter is dead.

Oliver tells Thea and Moira that Walter is dead, and Moira storms out of the house. Thea and Oliver are confused at her reaction. Moira confronts Malcolm, and he shows her a very alive Walter on video. Oliver is listening in and hears Malcolm tell Moira that “The Undertaking” is progressing.

In a flashback to some meetings between Malcolm and Robert Queen, we learn that after being unable to clean up The Glades, Malcolm wants to destroy and rebuild it. He has found a company that is developing some kind some kind of weather or disaster event, and Malcolm has an in with them.

Robert does not want to “fix” The Glades this way, and conspires with Frank to buy the remaining two thirds of The Glades property not already owned by Malcolm. They want to meet with some investors in China, but Robert will go by boat in order to not be seen with Frank. Oliver decides to go on the trip with Robert, and also brings Laurel’s sister Sarah. Malcolm is seen talking with Frank about the bomb that was planted on the boat.

Back in present time, Oliver (as the Hood) gets Felicity to find out where Malcolm called that evening when checking on Walter. It is a tenement building in town. Oliver goes to the building where Walter is being held and rescues him. With Walter resting in the hospital, Thea, Moira, Oliver, and Felicity come to visit. Malcolm talks to Oliver, trying to figure out if Walter said anything about who kidnapped him.

Laurel goes to Oliver for help with her breakup with Tommy, and Oliver tells her if she loves Tommy, to go talk to him. She does, and Tommy tells her she belongs with Oliver, and Oliver still loves her. When Laurel tries to get Oliver to talk to Tommy and tell him he doesn’t love her anymore, Oliver can’t. It would be a lie, and he has lied enough.

Oliver goes to Diggle’s apartment, and apologizes for everything. He was wrong about his mother. She has been lying to everyone. And she is working with Malcolm on something big. He needs Diggle’s help to stop them. A truck is shown carrying whatever Malcolm has been having developed for the last 5 or so years into Starling City.