Comics: Check Out a Preview of Steve Niles' 'Breath of Bones'

Comics: Check Out a Preview of Steve Niles’ ‘Breath of Bones’


In the comics world, writer Steve Niles has enjoyed (and does enjoy) a tremendous amount of success and respect. His major work, 30 Days of Night, was a master class in creating a high-concept yet deeply poignant and horrifically scary comic.

His latest creation, Breath of Bones, looks to be carrying on the fine tradition established by 30 Days of Night. The story is simple: The giant clay monster from Jewish legend goes on a Nazi-killing rampage in order to protect the inhabitants of a small Jewish stronghold and an injured British pilot.

But that’s where the simple ends. But to give away any more would be spoiling it for you. Instead, we’ve got some preview pages for you to enjoy.

Look for Breath of Bones #1 in stores June 12. Check out all the pages after the break.