Now On Netflix: Gillian Anderson Is Back In 'The Fall'

Now On Netflix: Gillian Anderson Is Back In ‘The Fall’

The Fall

Sadly, Gillian Anderson isn’t coming back to TV as the iconic Agent Dana Scully of X-Files fame. At least, not yet. She is, however, coming back in a similar role: a homicide detective investigating a serial killer.

So yeah, that’s pretty cool too. The series is called The Fall and it’s from the BBC. The psychological thriller hit BBC Two on May 13 and all five episodes are available in the U.S. and Latin America exclusively on Netflix starting today.

The series follows the lives of Anderson’s highly driven detective Stella Gibson and the sexually motivated serial killer she’s tracking in Belfast. Once Upon A Time‘s Jamie Dornan also stars along with The Good Wife‘s Archie Panjabi.

For more, check out the full trailer after the break. Or, just watch the show on Netflix right now.