TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ - Episode 102: ‘Blood Moon’

TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ – Episode 102: ‘Blood Moon’

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This episode opens with Ichabod running from the headless horseman in the woods. It seems quite apparent that this is a dream when the other three horsemen join in the chase. Crane is cornered, and some vines entangle and trap him. Rather than holding him at bay for the horsemen, he falls through the earth into a cave.

His wife Katrina is there, and tells him they are safe for now. But, the horsemen will unleash the apocalypse, as well as an army of evil that will make way for the horsemen’s arrival. The first of the dark spirits will rise with the blood moon, and she “is one of us”. At this point I felt like I was watching Disney’s A Christmas Carol, and was waiting for Crane to say “Well can’t they just all visit me at one time and get it over with?”

As was expected, this was a dream, and Crane wakes up in a hotel room. He tries to leave, but the officer posted at his door will not let him, and makes him wait for Abbie to arrive.

Meanwhile, the ever-loving Captain shows Abbie surveillance video of Brooks’ death. The video shows Brooks running head first into a mirror, breaking his own neck. The Captain also believes that Crane has some sort of mental illness where he really does think he lived in the past.

Mills finally arrives at the hotel, and is acting differently towards Crane. Based on her conversation with the Captain, she is not as believing of Crane on this day. Crane tries to convince her to just believe what she has seen with her own eyes.

At the morgue, Brooks comes back to life. A demon appears, fixing Brooks’ neck, and giving him a medallion on a necklace. Brooks asks the demon who he wants him to release. Brooks takes a cop car and drives off.

At Sheriff Corbin’s funeral, Crane wanders off to visit his wife’s grave again. After reading her tombstone once more, he has determined that “one of us” means that the first spirit is a witch. Seemed kind of obvious to me, but maybe not.

Brooks put the medallion on a fence post at some kind of display at the park, and the medallion goes up in flames, producing a charred woman. Brooks tells the woman that “the ashes of the pious will ordain your resurrection; take their flesh and you will reclaim yours.”

A is pulled over on a rural road. Brooks approaches the man and asks him his name. The man tells him, and Brooks tells the man that wherever the road takes him, this wasn’t personal. Brooks drives off, and the man’s car will not start. The charred woman appears on his hood, and sets the car on fire.

Police find the burned out car and call Abbie, who has just finished telling Crane how Sheriff Corbin saved her life by giving her a chance to change her ways rather than arresting her. They arrive at the scene, and based on the state of the victim’s body, Crane knows who is responsible. It is a witch from the dark coven known as Serelda of Abadon. She is a priestess that the redcoats had formed an alliance with during the Revolutionary War. Apparently she is the only witch capable of burning a man and taking some of his ashes.

Sheriff Corbin’s files have been moved to archives, including the secret files that Abbie needs access to. She does not have clearance to get into archives, which Crane knows as the old armory. As luck would have it, he knows of a secret tunnel between the police station and the old armory. Even more luckily it was never filled in, and even contains old munitions. Sadly, it also contains remains of burned witches, as they were not permitted proper burials. They are able to get into archives, in the exact room they need to be in, and retrieve the files.

Brooks confronts a boy playing soccer and asks him his name. He tells the boy that it’s a nice name, but it’s too bad that it belongs to him. So there is definitely something up people’s names. They are either targeting certain people, or need to know their name for some reason.

In an old book, Crane finds that the good coven, the Sisterhood of Radiant Heart, used white magic to make Serelda susceptible to attack. Serelda was captured and burned at the stakes. Before she burns, Serelda promises that the ashes of their ancestors will be hers and she will live again.

Crane and Abbie take this to mean that Serelda is taking the ashes of the ancestors of the Magistrate that burned her at the stake. The boy that Brooks confronted earlier has an encounter with Serelda, but Crane and Abbie arrive just in time to scare her off. Only it turns out that the boy is not an ancestor of the Magistrate as he was adopted. However, the urn of the boy’s father, who was the last descendant of the Magistrate, is missing.

They head back to the tunnels, as Serelda will need her bones to complete her re-birth. Serelda is already there, with Brooks digging up her bones for her (much to his snarky, non-delight). When they arrive, Brooks is seemingly gone, and Serelda has managed to put her bones back into her body and come back to life.

Crane tries to shoot her, but she catches the bullet and pulverizes it in her hand. She says to Crane, “you carry her stench in your heart”. Crane’s wife Katrina was the one who bound Serelda, and Katrina is now stuck in the world between worlds. Thanks to all of the old munitions still in the tunnel, Crane is able to blow her up while he and Abbie are at a somewhat safe distance.

It seems like Crane and Abbie are starting to fall in love already, but maybe I’m just expecting that since it’s a Fox show. Crane goes to get them some coffee, and Abbie sees Sheriff Corbin in his old office. They have a brief conversation, and Corbin tells her not to be afraid of number 49. That’s how she’ll know she’s not alone. They cut to room number 49 in a hospital, and Abbie’s sister is doing pushups and chin-ups and not taking her medications. You know, a real badass. The episode ends with her seeing a glimpse of the demon before it disappears.