TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 204: ‘Crucible’

TV RECAP: ‘Arrow’ Episode 204: ‘Crucible’


There is a new threat in Starling City – The Mayor. He is the head of a new gang that emerged after the earthquake, and is in possession of military grade weapons. When one of his men returns after a confrontation with Arrow (without his gun), The Mayor shoots his cousin and fellow gang member. The Mayor tells him to do his family more proud than his cousin did.

Felicity thinks that the lady vigilante is not following Arrow, but rather Laurel. Oliver tests this theory, and finds her outside of Laurel’s apartment. He traps and unmasks her, revealing her to be Laurel’s sister Sara. Yes, the same Sara that Oliver watched die when the boat went down. And also the same Sara whose mother was convinced was still alive.

Oliver confesses to Felicity and Diggle that he saw Sara once a year after he thought she had died. But he reiterates that he thought she was dead. Diggle and Felicity are astounded that he apparently watcher her die…twice! Felicity is furious that he never told Laurel and Quentin that she was alive.

Diggle uses his contact with the FBI to get a GPS tracker that is connected to some military weapons that were hijacked. The GPS has been disabled, but Felicity is able to get it restarted long enough to find the location of The Mayor’s hideout. Arrow gets there, and is able to secure the weapons, but The Mayor escapes.

Oliver meets with Alderman Blood again. He wants to fund a cash for guns program, but without his name attached. Oliver’s new business partner says no, so Oliver says he will pay for it himself. Oliver shows up at the event, and The Mayor comes through with some of his men and starts shooting. Roy saves Cin, and Oliver saves Blood. Cin was shot, and Roy and Thea take her to the hospital.

Laurel’s boss takes her out to dinner and starts hitting on her. She is freaked out and leaves. Apparently she had too much wine, because she is soon pulled over for DUI. The officer calls her father, and she is apparently let off. Quentin yells at her, because he is worried she will end up an alcoholic like he did. She blows him off.

Sara and Oliver meet at Verdant. She tells Oliver she knew he was the vigilante as soon as she heard about him. She came back after the earthquake to make sure her family was ok. While she is there, Quentin comes by to see Oliver. He tells Oliver about Laurel’s troubles and how he is afraid she will end up like him. Of course Sara hears all of this, and is gone by the time Oliver comes back inside.

Felicity is able to use facial recognition software to find out that The Mayor is the foster brother of a military man. This must be the connection to how he is getting the military grade weapons. Arrow and Sara show up at the meeting spot for The Mayor’s next artillery pickup. They take out all of his men, even at one point trading weapons and using them as effectively as their own. Sara wants to kill The Mayor, but Oliver convinces her not to.

Oliver sees Sara at the hospital and tells her that he is paying Cin’s medical bills. He urges her to go to Quentin and Laurel and let them know she is alive. He knows that they will never speak to him again ever if she resurfaces, but he is ok with that. It’s worth it. Meanwhile, Laurel is shown taking pills and drinking.

The Mayor wakes up tied to a chair, clearly not in jail. A masked man with a Bane-like voice shows up and tells The Mayor he want to release the chains on the city. He gives The Mayor an injection and asks him if he is ready to serve. He needs an army. But The Mayor starts convulsing, and bleeding out of his eyes. It looks like The Mayor is dead. The masked man reveals himself to be Alderman Blood. Blood asks for another.

Does he want another man? Another injection? The Mayor clearly looked dead. But Blood was talking about an army of strength, so I thought he was giving him some kind of super serum. Maybe he’s just killing any criminal he gets his hands on.

In the flashbacks in this episode, Oliver is shot by one of his captors. Oliver wakes up to find some medical supplies. A Russian prisoner tells Oliver he needs to fix himself to prove that he is strong. Oliver removes the bullet and stitches himself up. He still won’t tell the man about the graves he found. The man throws him into a room. Oliver looks up and Sara is there.