TV RECAP: ‘Dracula’ Episode 102: ‘A Whiff of Sulfur’

TV RECAP: ‘Dracula’ Episode 102: ‘A Whiff of Sulfur’

Dracula - Season 1

A flashback is shown in 1881 Romania of Van Helsing waking up Dracula. He has to convince Dracula to work with him to eliminate the Order of the Dragon. They killed both of their families, and he has the means to fight them. This is basically a five-minute version of the one line they told us last week. So we already knew this, but got a recap video anyway.

Van Helsing is drawing some blood from Grayson. Grayson tells him that the Order knows there is a vampire in town, all because Grayson killed Clive, and the huntsman. Van Helsing is working on a drug for Grayson that will allow him to go out during the day.

Lucy offers her colors to a man in a fencing competition. He promptly loses to Lord Davenport’s son. I get the feeling that Lucy is trying to break up Harker and Mina, but I can’t figure out exactly why. She has an evil feeling about her. And she keeps doing things to remind us that he’s poor.

Lady Wetherby wants to hunt the vampire herself. Even though she says this, she tries to hire to coked out looking people to find him. They have some sort of visionary powers, but Grayson can sense they are watching him, and thwarts them.

Grayson meets with Lord Laurent, trying to buy his shares in the company. Laurent refuses to sell for any price. When Laurent tells Lord Davenport, Davenport warns that any of the Order that helps Grayson will be taken care of. Laurent also tells Davenport that Grayson bought up all of the coolant and wanted a bunch more.

Grayson and Renfield arrive at a building. Renfield asks Grayson why he doesn’t just take Mina in his normal manner. For some reason, Grayson cannot. But he knows he cannot lose her for a second time.

Harker then arrives for a meeting with Grayson. Grayson wants to offer Harker a job as VP of public affairs. He also wants to give Harker the house he has just purchased – Clive’s old house. Harker does not accept right away, but Grayson tells him to let him know by Monday, and leaves him with the keys.

Mina is worried about her final exam; if she doesn’t pass she may not be able to finish school. Harker is distracted, and finally tells him of the offer from Grayson. She tells him if he doesn’t take the job she will kick him. Harker is concerned because the offer seems too good to be true, and Grayson doesn’t have much of a history. It’s almost like he appeared out of nowhere.

Grayson is meeting with Lady Wetherby, and hitting on her something fierce. She wants to know the secret of his magic trick with the wireless light bulbs. He assures her it is no trick, and then they end up sleeping together. I have no idea if he knew she was the head of The Order, or if she knew that he is the vampire.

Renfield and Grayson are waiting for Mina, and offer her a ride. Mina asks Renfield if it is customary for American man to offer rides to single women. I guess that shows how much she thinks of Harker. She takes the ride and explains to Grayson of her upcoming exam. The way he is talking to her is just creeping me out. She finds it charming, I find it just weird. Considering she reminds him of his dead wife, he should be acting a little sweeter. Guess he doesn’t want to come on too strong.

While Mina is taking her exam, Grayson is in the background watching. Harker is second guessing taking the job offer, thinking Grayson must have an agenda.

Mina meets up with Harker and tells him she passed her exam, and was at the top of her class. This was just after the landlord had notified Harker she was raising the rent. He’s poor, remember? Lucy wants to take them out to celebrate, making sure to tell Harker that she is paying. He’s poor, remember?

Harker does end up taking the job with Grayson. He’s poor, remember? Grayson wants to know all about Lord Laurent. Harker tells him to show up at some club at 10pm, and he’ll get everything he needs to know about Lord Laurent.

Grayson gets into the club, which appears to be some kind of drag show. He finds Lord Laurent kissing Lord Davenport’s son. Looks like Lord Laurent may be willing to sell those shares after all.

Grayson is at a restaurant around closing time. He flirts with the coat check girl, and takes her outside. Of course he eats her, and is almost caught by Lady Wetherby.

This episode seemed a little less boring, but that could be just because I was prepared for the lack of action. It is very slow, and is definitely not typical horror fare. But I will stick with it, as it does seem that things may be getting interesting going forward.