TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 106: ‘The Sin Eaters’

TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 106: ‘The Sin Eaters’

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Abbie and Crane attend a local Little League baseball game. Abbie yells at the umpire, and tells Crane how baseball is like life. After the game, Crane insists on walking home, and stops to visit his wife’s grave along the way. He is shot with a tranquilizer dart and abducted.

Abbie is driving home and is thrown into a dream or vision where she is in a very old house. She hears a baby crying, and is then chased by the Horseman. Abbie runs into another room and sees what look to be witches doing spells of some sort.

Katrina appears to Abbie and tells her this is an echo of her and Crane’s house. Katrina knows Crane is in trouble because she cannot sense him, this is why she came to Abbie. Abbie needs to find something called a sin eater to help Crane sever his blood tie to the Horseman. The Horseman will be coming tonight, and she needs to get Crane sanctified before he arrives.

Crane wakes up in and is surrounded by men in suits. (The main man is played by the actor who plays Eric Renard on Grimm).  So he potentially died on Friday night on NBC, and is now on Sleepy Hollow on Fox on Monday. It turns out these men are Freemasons, the same as Crane was.

Crane tells a story of a man named Arthur Bernard, who Crane believes died due to his slow actions. Crane was still on the British side, and was tasked with torturing Bernard to give up the source of an underground pamphlet. It is here that Crane meets Katrina, who works for the family.

Crane and Katrina feel like they have known each other for years, and he betrays England to help Bernard escape. Bernard is killed by Crane’s superior officer (who also happens to be a demon). Crane says that his delayed actions to help Bernard escape caused Bernard’s death.

Abbie gets Jenny out of the hospital for 24 hours to help her find the Sin Eater. They are doing some research, and find that the Sin Eater has been inactive for about 2 years. Abbie finally figures out that the Sin Eater would take on the name of the last death row inmate he visited when he went to visit the next one.

Abbie and Jenny find where the Sin Eater, Henry Parrish lives, and pay him a visit. Another fun fact, Henry Parrish is played by John Noble (Walter Bishop from Fringe!). Henry explains that he doesn’t do that kind of work anymore. He does give them a description of the type of room Crane is being held in (he’s able to use Abbie’s connection to Crane to see some images). This reminded me of that Christopher Walken skit on SNL where he can see the future by touching them, but only mundane things like a man leaving his coffee in a cab.

The main Freemason read Crane’s life story from Katrina’s writings. The Mason and Katrina’s coven were partners until Katrina moved Crane’s body. Katrina knew the Masons would kill Crane to kill the Horseman. Since they are blood tied, if Crane dies, then the Horseman dies.

The Masons give Crane a bottle of poison to drink, to give himself up for the greater good. Abbie and Jenny find Crane, and Abbie tries to convince Crane not to do it. Crane says there is no other way. Freeing his tie to the Horseman does not stop him, whereas killing himself does.

I knew Crane wasn’t going to die, but he actually drank the poison, so I was getting worried anyway. Somehow, Abbie has enough time to get the Sin Eater to come to the secret location to help Crane. The Sin Eater says something about this being what he was meant to do. Even though earlier that day he told Abbie and Jenny he wouldn’t help them.

The Sin Eater sticks a knife in Crane’s hand, and Crane sees Bernard instead of the Sin Eater. Bernard explains to Crane that Bernard’s death didn’t infect Crane’s soul, it saved it. Crane’s regret fuels the blood tie, and Crane says a few lines to break the tie. The blood pouring out of Crane’s hand divides into two separate pools, to signify the blood tie being broken.

The Sin Eater (now back to his normal human self) soaks up one of the pools of blood with some bread and eats it. The Masons tell Crane it is time to prepare for battle.