TV RECAP: ‘Dracula’ Episode 103: ‘Goblin Merchant Men’

TV RECAP: ‘Dracula’ Episode 103: ‘Goblin Merchant Men’

Dracula - Season 1

This week on Dracula we begin with a flashback that shows Grayson chained to a pole and fighting several members of the Order. Apparently he did something to disobey them. They slit his throat, and he is surprised to wake up chained in a dungeon. They turned him into a vampire.

Grayson receives notification that the transfer of Lord Laurent’s stock to him has been finalized, and Grayson is now the majority stockholder of British Imperial Coolant. Harker and Renfield go to an office and use their newfound power to get special treatment and resources for their projects. Renfield gives Harker a list of names of people that Grayson wants him to become friendly with.

Lady Jayne visits a doctor at a mental hospital to get some drugs to help her seers. This doctor needs to get the serum from Van Helsing, who insists on knowing who it is. Grayson tells Van Helsing to give her what she wants, or else they’ll get it from someone else that they have no control over.

Lord Davenport (or it may have been the higher up that’s always talking with Lady Jayne, it’s hard to keep track of everyone) meets with Lord Laurent. He asks Laurent if there is anything he should know about the sale of the stock, or else he will face swift punishment. Laurent refuses to say anything, and will be brought before the Order.

Grayson is in bed with Lady Jayne, and goes to investigate her house while she is asleep. He finds a secret chamber, which includes vampires in cages. Grayson is crying and very angry when he returns to bed. But before he can do anything, Lady Jayne grabs him and pulls him back into bed.

Lucy tells Mina to forget about Harker, and takes her out on the town. They have a drunken good time, and are out all night. Grayson is waiting by her door to see her reaction to some roses he sent her. He did not leave a note. But he has to leave because the sun is coming out.

Grayson returns home and is yelling at Van Helsing because he wants to be able to go out in the sun. Van Helsing tells him he has the serum up to 3 minutes and 12 seconds, and this is unacceptable to Grayson. Seems pretty good to me.

Lord Davenport’s son tries to convince Lord Laurent that they can run away together, but Laurent knows they would be found and both would be killed. Laurent knew what he was doing when he sold his stock, and will take what is coming to him. At the “trial”, he admits to putting his own interests over that of the Order (which I guess he actually did do, just not in the way they thought he did). He is killed with a sword, and Lord Davenport’s son is there watching.

Lucy and Mina go out again, and it is becoming more and more clear that Lucy is romantically interested in Mina. Mina briefly walks out of the club into a courtyard in bright daylight. It was either a drunken dream or perhaps a flashback to her potential former life as Dracula’s wife, but either way she wakes up on a couch in the club. A man hits on her, and gets angry and demanding when she shuts him down. Grayson just happens to be there and gets rid of him for her.

Mina tells Grayson about her troubles with Harker, and Grayson tries to console her. He’s supposed to be charming and irresistible, but he sounds like a fraud of car salesman. Grayson ends up talking to Harker and convincing him to let Mina follow her dreams and to ask her to take him back. Grayson tells Renfield he did something for someone other than himself for once. But Renfield speculates he only did it to keep Mina in his orbit, where it would be much smarter to just let her go.

Mina awakens with Lucy watching her in bed. Mina realizes she has missed Van Helsing’s class. Van Helsing makes her some gross hangover remedy drink, and still offers her to be his assistant for the term.

Van Helsing brings the serum to the doctor, who has a boy deliver it. Van Helsing follows the boy. The seers take the serum, and are able to see Grayson and Lady Jayne in bed together. They start choking and become paralyzed. Van Helsing has spiked the serum with some kind of poison.

Van Helsing tells them that he has to get the remnants of the poison out of their brain, or else it could be tracked back to him. So he proceeds to bash their heads in with a hammer. Lady Jayne and the other Order leader find the bodies. Jayne has never seen trackers tracked before. She fears that London will soon be crawling with vampires.

Harker finally goes to see Mina. She tries to apologize to him, but he says it was all his fault. He asks her to just let him love her. She runs to him and asks him to be her husband. He doesn’t have the ring (I guess he left it at home?), so he gives her his cross necklace.

Davenport’s son is in his room, crying and looking at a picture of him and Lord Laurent. He puts a bullet in a gun and kills himself. He left a note for his father somehow implicating Grayson.

This week’s episode was a little better, but I still found myself very aware of how long I had been watching. It’s a slow build, but as more of the story is revealed, it does feel like it won’t just be about overtaking companies and developing wireless electricity. So that’s a plus.