Get Your First Look at 'The Punisher' #1

Get Your First Look at ‘The Punisher’ #1


If there’s one character who deserves a better big screen treatment, it’s The Punisher. Not that the previous two movies were bad, they just weren’t as good as the more recent Marvel movies like Iron Man or The Avengers. And that’s a shame.

Fortunately, Marvel continues to feature the character in comics. And coming this February:

Frank Castle’s one-man-war on crime continues in an all-new THE PUNISHER #1 – from the explosive creative team of Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads! For years, the Punisher has called New York City his home – keeping a watchful eye on the city through the sight of a gun.

Sound good so far. To get you more interested, we’ve got previews of the upcoming comic. But before that, here’s a bit more about it from Marvel:

When a lead on a major source of drugs, weapons, and more leads Frank out west – he sets his sights on Los Angeles. And the City of Angels isn’t ready for a devil like the Punisher! But not everything is as it appears, and Frank will soon find himself toe-to-toe with a highly trained military strike force known only as the 131! Who are the mysterious 131? And why are they out for the Punisher’s head?

Check out the previews after the break. Look for The Punisher #1 to arrive in stores, and digital, on February 5.