TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 111: ‘The Vessel’

TV RECAP: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Episode 111: ‘The Vessel’

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This week’s episode is brought to you by the Denzel Washington suspense film Fallen. It centers around a demon called Ancitif that is harassing Captain Irving and his family. The demon can pass from person to person through touch, just like the demon in the above-mentioned film.  It was a great movie by the way, with a great supporting role played by John Goodman.

 Captain Irving is trying to get answers out of the vendor that spoke to him as a demon in the park. Irving finally realizes that the demon passed from him to an older woman that the man bumped into at the park. The woman is coming in to speak to police when she touches one of the officers, passing the demon to the cop.

 Irving receives a call from within the department from the demon, demanding George Washington’s bible in return for the safety of his daughter Macey.  Irving finds the possessed officer and attacks him, but the demon had already passed to someone new by the time he got to him.

 Irving calls his priest, who urges him to find a safe house.  Irving brings his daughter and wife to a safe house, not realizing that the demon is in one of the two officers helping him lock down the house.  The unidentified officer (to me at least) harboring the demon passes the demon to Morales, who then kills the first officer and enters the safe house.

 Irving has in the meantime informed Abbie and Crane of the demon’s request, and wants them to find answers in the bible so he doesn’t have to give it to Ancitif.  Abbie finds notes about Ancitif in the old Sheriff’s files, along with a video of an attempted exorcism.  It turns out that Jenny was possessed by Ancitif years ago, and the Sheriff was helping her to get rid of it.

 Jenny confides to Crane that the demon, even when not inside her, would give her thoughts about killing Abbie.  Jenny continually got in trouble so she would be in jail, keeping Abbie safe from anything Jenny might try and do.  One thing that they did find from the video is that a ring of salt will keep the demon in place.

 While researching the demon, they find that a blessed French lantern can send Ancitif back to hell.  Crane recalls Benjamin Franklin receiving some of these lanterns from France in an effort to thwart evil on US soil.  Jenny remembers helping an unsavory group of characters obtain one of these lanterns, and she knows where it is.  That’s convenient.

 Abbie, Crane, and Jenny head to this heavily secure, rednecky compound.  Jenny is in radio communication with Abbie and Crane as she directs them to the trailer where the lantern is being held.  It was exactly where she said it would be.  It is so important that it was way in the back on a far up shelf.

 When Abbie and Crane exit the trailer, they are surrounded by gunmen.  They try to talk their way out of trouble, but to no avail.  For a brief second, I thought Jenny had set them up, but she quickly arrived with some of Abbie’s guns to save the day.  I guess this group of 10+ armed assassins aren’t afraid of anything – except Jenny.  They let them go with the promise that they’ll return the lantern when they are done.

 Back at the safe house, Morales has passed the demon over to Macey, telling Irving that his time is up.  The demon threatens to kill Macey if the bible is not delivered.  Irving calls Abbie to confirm that the bible is still in the police archives room.  Abbie knows that Irving did this as a warning so they could meet there to try and stop this demon.

 When Irving gets there, the bible is gone.  The demon has lost its patience, and starts attacking Irving’s wife.  Jenny, Abbie, and Crane show up and trap the demon in a ring of salt.  They unleash the lantern, sending Ancitif back to hell.  Macey and her mother are ok, and Irving thanks Abbie for helping.

 Crane takes the bible out of hiding, and begins preparing some kind of solution.  There were always rumors of an invisible ink used in the bible to hide secret messages.  Crane brushes the solution over a page in the bible, and they happen to find a message.  It says “December 18, 1799”.  Crane recognizes this as Washington’s handwriting.  The only problem?  Washington reportedly died on December 14th, 1799.  So instead of Crane deciding that maybe this isn’t Washington’s handwriting after all, he decides that they must find out how he wrote this message four days after he died. 

Next week is the two hour season finale, and they are promising a journey to purgatory, and some potential fractures in the alliance between Abbie and Crane.  This season has been really interesting, and really fun, so I can’t wait to see how the season finale plays out.