'House of Cards' Returns This Friday So Here's a Bunch of Previews

‘House of Cards’ Returns This Friday So Here’s a Bunch of Previews


With House of Cards, Netflix established itself as a major player for original drama and raised the bar for online series.pay services. With others like Amazon Prime struggling to catch up, Netflix is about to release the second season of its flagship drama.

When last we left Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood he was about to become the Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States. How will he use this new power to better serve his own ends, those of his wife and the rest of his political cronies while also dodging the wrath of a spurned ex-lover who also happens to be a political reporter?

Guess that’s just what Season 2 will be all about. To help get you ready, we’ve got several previews for the new season Check them out after the break.

Netflix will release all episodes of Season 2 of House of Cards on Friday.