Celebrate 50 Years Without Fear With 'Daredevil' #1.50

Celebrate 50 Years Without Fear With ‘Daredevil’ #1.50


One of these days we’ll get a great Daredevil movie. Or heck, even a great Daredevil TV show. Yeah, we’re talking about you Netflix.

Until then, we will have to content ourselves with the pages of comics. And that’s okay. The comics are pretty awesome and have been around for quite some time.

How long? Well, glad you asked. 50 years. That’s right. And to celebrate, Marvel is coming out with a special 50th anniversary issue to commemorate ’50 Years Without Fear.” Here’s all the scoop you need to know:

On Matt Murdock’s 50th Birthday – tragedy strikes the city of San Francisco, forcing the Man Without Fear out of his long earned retirement. What will happen to Matt Murdock in the future? Who lives? Who dies? Don’t miss the twists and turns that will have readers buzzing!

But that’s not all! DAREDEVIL #1.50 comes jam-packed with new backup stories from legendary past Daredevil creators! Experience new stories from Karl Kesel and Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev as they examine untold tales of Matt Murdock’s most triumphant victories…and heartbreaking losses.

What will tomorrow hold for Matt Murdock? And how will this year’s events play into his unexpected future? Can a man truly stay fearless forever?

Check out a preview for the comic after the break. Look for Daredevil #1.50 to arrive on April 9.