Weekly Link Love: Friends And More

Weekly Link Love: Friends And More

friends and more

It’s time for another edition of Weekly Link Love The last few weeks we focused on Twitter and Instagram accounts we love and follow. This week we’re turning to cool websites of friends and more we want to be sure get the recognition (and love) they deserve.

You may have heard of none, some, or all of these sites. And yes, we know we’ve featured a few of them in previous Weekly Link Love posts, but they’re worth your time, so we’re link loving them again!

And, of course, there’s so many more we follow and love. We can’t list them all. This post would be way too long. Instead, here’s a taste.

As always, don’t forget to spread the love. Now, on to the links!

Baronfig – Tools for thinking. These folks make some of our favorite notebooks and more. 

BoingBoing – A site full of interesting and mostly wonderful things. An internet staple for so many years.

CBR – The place for comics, movies, and other news. Old school, but still one of the best.

DnD Beyond – If you play D&D, this site is a must. Try it and you’ll never play without it again.

Engadget – The OG of tech blogs. Still one of the best.

Field Notes – Our other favorite notebook company. Can’t get enough of their stuff. 

GeekDad – Are you a geek or nerd? Are you a Dad? This site is for you. 

Jason Lee – Actor and amazing photographer. Jason Lee is the real deal. Check out his work. It’s pretty amazing.

Kottke – Hard to describe, but if you’re a nerd/geek, or just like cool, quirky stuff, this site is a must. 

LAist – Our favorite website about Los Angeles. Still going strong after all these years. 

Lifehacker – You know this one. Want to get better and, well, everything? You need to read this. 

Pencil Revolution – We love pencils, so this is a favorite. Lots of great info, reviews, terrific zines, a podcast and more!

Pen Addict – The site that pretty much kickstarted/re-ignited our love of pens, pencils, notebooks and more.

RPGBot – A great source of knowledge to help you optimize characters for D&D and other RPGs. 

Tabletop Hero – Your library of adventures, monsters and encounters for D&D 5e. Plus, D&D kids club. Great stuff. 

Terribleminds – The site where author Chuck Wendig offers “gentle” writing advice, rants and more. Well worth your time. 

The Typewriter Revolution – If you love typewriters like we do, this site is a must. So much great info for fellow enthusiasts.

Whatever – Author John Scalzi’s website where he talks about, well, whatever. Love his work? You’ll love this site. 

Wirecutter – Our go-to site for reviews & recommendations for pretty much everything from TV’s to toasters, and more.

That’s it for this week. Did we miss any of your favorite websites or blogs? If so, let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Until then, happy linking and don’t forget to spread the love!