Things We Love: Coffee

Things We Love: Coffee


We believe few things in life are as satisfying as a good cup of coffee. So it should be no surprise to learn it’s one of the Things We Love here at The Flickcast.

Sure, one or two people around here drink tea occasionally, or as an alternative to coffee, but we don’t really talk to them all that much. To be honest, we consider their judgement a little suspect. 

So, coffee? Yes. Please and thank you.

There’s so many ways to make coffee at home, the office or at the home office we won’t go into every one of them here. We will, however, talk about a couple of our favorite methods and some tools we think are necessary to get the caffeine fix and amazing cup of coffee you deserve.

There’s basically two methods we use on a regular basis: the Pourover or the French Press. We also, on occasion, use a more traditional coffee maker if time is a factor, but won’t go into that in this post. 

First, let’s talk Pourover using the Hario V60, which is pretty much the industry standard. We could go into a lengthy explanation of how it works, what to do and all that.

Instead, let’s let World Barista Champion, author and famous YouTube star James Hoffman tell us all about it.

He makes it look easy, right? It does take some work and practice. But once you get it mastered this method creates an amazing cup of coffee.

To make this at home, the office or the home office, you’ll need a few things. Fortunately, you’ll only need to get most of these items once and they can be used for many years.

First, the V60 by Hario, which is the backbone of the entire system. You’ll also need a glass coffee server, which goes underneath the V60 and catches the coffee as it comes through.

Next, you need a way to heat and pour water. We prefer the Hario Kettle. You’ll also need paper filters, a grinder to grind the beans and, of course, some coffee.

For paper filters, we go with the ones from Hario. For a grinder, our favorite that’s seen daily use for several years and never once complained, is the Baratza Virtuoso.

Lastly, for coffee we like to buy local here in Austin from favorites such as Cuvee Coffee or Texas Coffee Traders. They also ship worldwide, but you can most likely find local roasters in your area. If you’re having trouble finding one, you can check out this map to locate a roaster near you. 

Now, let’s turn to the French Press. Again, here’s James Hoffman to show you the way.

As with the Pourover, you’ll need a few things for this method as well. Of course, the French Press itself. Our current favorite is the Bodum 1928.

You’ll also need pretty much the rest of the things mentioned above for best results. But as this is a French Press you won’t need the V60 this time.

Okay. That’s how we (and James) do it. It may seem like a bit of time and trouble, but the rewards of great coffee are worth it . . . at least to us. Enjoy your coffee!

Do you love coffee as much as we do? If so, what are some of your favorite methods to make it? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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