New 'Transformers 2' Footage with Giant Robots, Megan Fox and More!

New ‘Transformers 2’ Footage with Giant Robots, Megan Fox and More!

Are you one of the many who loved the first Transformers movie? If so, you’re probably jazzed for the sequel, which hits theaters on June 24th. Well, if you are one of those people, here’s a little something, courtesy of director Michael Bay, to help you pass the time until the release date.

This footage, screened by Bay himself at the recent ShoWest convention, features some of what you would expect from a Transformers movie: characters bonding with their mechanical protectors, explosions, robots destroying stuff, a cranky old-man robot and more. Oh, there’s also a bit of footage of Megan Fox’s character taking off her clothes — not that that would interest anyone.