Watch This: The Official 'Caprica' Promo

Watch This: The Official ‘Caprica’ Promo

capricamoralesstoltzAt The Flickcast, we’re big fans of Battlestar Galactica (or BSG as we like to call it). Sadly, the show has run its course on Sci-Fi Channel and now all we have to look forward to is its eventual release on BluRay so we can watch it all over again. Fortunately, the folks at Sci-Fi feel our pain, and that of millions of other BSG fans, and have decided to give us a new show to watch: the BSG “prequel” series Caprica.

Sadly, the actual series, which stars Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales, takes place 58 years before BSG and tells the tale of two rival families and the creation of the first Cylon, doesn’t begin showing until next year — which is too bad.

However, we’ve got your back here at The Flickcast. So, to help pass the time until Caprica debuts and in honor of the two-hour pilot movie being released on DVD today, here’s another look at the “Official” promo for the series for you to enjoy. Watch this.