Matthew McConaughey as Captain America?

matthew_mcconaugheyWe debate quite a bit around The Flickcast water cooler about who should play various roles in upcoming films. One of the most hotly contested debates is who should, and should not, play Captain America in the upcoming The First Avenger: Captain America. In the past few months there’s been several names being thrown around that fans would like to see wield Cap’s shield. Some of these include Channing Tatum, John Cena and Wil Smith.

Now, according to a piece over at MTV Spalshpage, we can apparently add the name Matthew McConnehey to that list. According to the site, McConaughey hasn’t actually seen a script yet but still may be warming to the idea of taking on the role. “It sounds fun,” McConaughey told MTV News during a press junket for his latest film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. But again, he admitted that no script has come his way.

I’m not sure if McConaughey is exactly right for the part, but he is an interesting choice to consider. The truth is, before Robert Downey, Jr. was cast as Iron Man I was pretty convinced that role could never be filled. Of course, it all turned out pretty well. Maybe I need to give Matthew McConaughey a chance and get on board with casting him? Might be a good idea before Marvel does something really stupid and picks Will Smith.

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