New 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' Featurette with Cast Interviews

New ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ Featurette with Cast Interviews

harrypotterhalfbloodprinceposterOver at MTV, they’ve got some new stuff for all you Harry Potter fans anxiously awaiting the latest big-screen installment of the franchise Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which opens on July 15th.

New this week at MTV is a featurette which, well, features some new footage from the film as well as cast interviews with stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, producer David Baron and director David Yates.

There’s also lots of running, jumping, flying, fire, explosions and, of course, magic. All the things you would expect from a Harry Potter film. As a somewhat reluctant fan of the franchise, I have to say its grown on me over the years and turned into something I look forward to seeing. From this footage at least, it looks like this film is going to be the best of the series so far and a lot of fun. Check it out.