Brand New Deadpool Video from 'Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2'

Brand New Deadpool Video from ‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2’

In addition to all the other things we love including movies, tv, comics and other geeky goodness, we also love video games around here. Fortunately, the video game business is booming and there’s always some great games coming down the pipeline for us to see, experience and, most importantly, play. One of those cool games hitting stores soon is the sequel to one of my personal favorite games Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

This time around, Activision and Vicarious Visions have teemed up to produce Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 which follows the same basic tenents of the first game and follows Marvel’s Civil War story arc. In the game, players will choose who they want to be and take up their cause, fighting all along the way.

To demonstrate just how cool this game is going to be, Activision has released another video from the game featuring the character Deadpool. And yes, it looks pretty awesome. The game drops in the Fall. Meantime, check out the video because, well, it rocks.