First Look at the New 'Blur' Racing Game

First Look at the New ‘Blur’ Racing Game

screen_000056_smallWe have some downtime around The Flickcast offices every once in awhile (especially when we’re having server issues). When these times do happen, we’ve got to find something else to occupy our time until we can get back to posting.

One of the ways we like to fill that downtime is by playing some cool video games. Sometimes, we even get to play ones not available to everyone. We also get sneak peeks at new games as well — and that’s the case now. This time, we’re pretty excited about a new racing game called Blur recently announced by creator Bizarre Creations and published by Activision.

In a nutshell, Blur is a high-octane racing game where you, you know, race . . . and try not to get killed in the process. Check out these brand new screens from the game to see what I mean. It looks pretty cool to me and I can’t wait to see more.

Check out the big pics after the jump.