First Trailer for ABC's 'V' Is Live

First Trailer for ABC’s ‘V’ Is Live

In case you weren’t around back in 1983 when the original V was broadcast on television, here’s a little background. The show concerned alien invaders that come to earth to, well, invade and take over our planet. A small group of humans, with the help of a few aliens who don’t like what their race is doing, chooses to rebel and fight against their alien overlords. The show debuted as a well-received mini-series and then went on to a rather short-lived regular series, lasting only one season.

Now, V is back on ABC with an all new, sleeker look and some familiar cast members from some of our favorite tv shows including Joel Gretsch from The 4400, Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and Morena Baccarin (sporting some sexy short hair) and Alan Tudyk from Firefly. Sadly, there’s no sign of Robert Englund — at least so far.

The new series debuts in the Fall on ABC. Until then, check out the trailer.