Thomas Jane Gets 'Hung' for HBO

Thomas Jane Gets ‘Hung’ for HBO

thomas-janeComing to you directly from the “this sounds interesting but could really end up sucking” department (yes, we have on of those here at The Flickcast) is this bit of news from Variety about a new series for HBO called Hung. The show, which stars Thomas Jane (The Punisher), concerns a man with a rather large member (read penis) who decides he wants to make some money with it. Yes, you read that correctly.

How does he want to make money with it? Well, you’ll just have to wait for the show to debut to find out. Fortunately, that won’t be too long from now as it starts on June 28th and will run at 10:00 pm — right after the second season of True Blood, which returns on June 12th.

Also according to Variety, the first episode will run for 45 minutes, with all others being 30 minutes in length. Co-Starring with Jane in the series are Jane Adams and Anne Heche. Also of note is that the pilot for Hung was directed by Alexander Payne, who directed, and won the Oscar for writing, Sideways. He was also nominated for directing Sideways and for writing Election.

Jane and Payne together again for the very first time. Could be interesting. I guess we’ll find out on June 28th.