Fox Rebooting 'Alien' Franchise?

Fox Rebooting ‘Alien’ Franchise?

alien-one-sheetWith all the reboots, rumors of reboots, sequels and prequels coming out of Hollywood lately it should come as no surprise that there’s now talk and rumors of yet another one. According to Bloody Disgusting, the latest franchise getting the reboot treatment is the 1979 horror/sci-fi classic Alien. Yes, the movie that coined the cool catchphrase “In space no one can hear you scream” and showcased a young Sigourney Weaver in her underwear is reportedly going to get the reboot treatment.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon your opinion, it seems Ridley Scott will be involved in the reboot but will only serve as one of the producers, not the director. Taking on the directing chores is first-time feature director Carl Rinsch, who has at least supposedly cut his teeth directing commercials for Ridley and Tony Scott and their Scott Free Productions company.

In case you might not be familiar with original Alien (If not, go rent it) the story starts when the crew of a spacecraft intercepts a transmission from an unknown planet and decides to investigate. Once there they discover an alien creature that has evolved into the perfect killing machine. One by one each of the crew members are killed until only Weaver’s Ripley is left to destroy the terrifying and deadly creature. But how will she be able to do it all alone?

Seeing as this story is only in the rumor stages (Although it does make sense) we will, of course, keep you posted on any new developments. Until then, feel free to enjoy the trailer for the original Alien after the jump.