'Sons of Anarchy' Season Two Pics

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season Two Pics

sons_of_anarchy_posterOne of the nice things about working for a website covering different types of entertainment is that you often get a chance to highlight a show that people may not know much about. Case in point is the superb FX original series Sons of Anarchy — which I’ve mentioned on The Flickcast before. The show, created and executive produced by The Shield alumni Kurt Sutter, follows an outlaw biker gang that’s more family than criminal and how they deal with outsiders, internal conflics, changing times and constant scrutiny by the law.

Its a great show full of excellent performances from Charlie Hunnam as Jax, a new father struggling to reconcile his outlaw ways with the demands and responsibilities of parenthood, to Ron Perlman as Clay, the leader of the club who’s trying to keep his surrogate family together while all around him things are falling apart to Katey Segal as Clay’s wife, Gemma, who stands by her man and works to keep her family, and their way of life, intact at any cost.

I enjoy the show a great deal and am looking forward to its return for a second season. Fortunately, I don’t have to wait too long as the show is now in production on season two and as a bonus, Sutter has posted some pics from the production at his personal blog. Seeing these, and some of my favorite characters back at work, makes me very happy indeed.

The new season of Sons of Anarchy premieres in September on FX. Be sure and check it out. You’ll be glad you did.