Another Promo for NBC's 'The Philanthropist' Now Online

Another Promo for NBC’s ‘The Philanthropist’ Now Online

james-purefoy-philanthropistPreviously here at The Flickcast, we brought you the first promo for the new show The Philanthropist, which premieres June 24th on NBC. The show is an interesting mix of action, drams, suspense and seems to have great production value, an interesting and talented cast and all of the other ingredients that usually go into a hit show. Its one that will undoubtedly make its way onto our Tivos so we can check it out.

To further illustrate this point, we’ve got another promo for the show to, well, show. In this one, billionaire Teddy Rist who, according to NBC’s info, “loves women, money and power but after the tragic death of his only child, has an awakening and becomes the world’s first vigilante philanthropist”, saves a boy from drowning, hand carries a vaccine across mountains to villagers, gets shot at and is told he’s “not a superhero.” Tough job.

The show stars James Purefoy (Rome), Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) and Neve Campbell (Scream). Check out the new promo for The Philanthropist after the break.