Han Solo Vs. Thomas Magnum

Han Solo Vs. Thomas Magnum

magnum-soloOur team here at The Flickcast has worked in online media, the film and tv industry, the comics industry and radio and has quite a bit of experience in those areas. So, it’s sometimes difficult for us to see a film, video, comic or other piece of entertainment and say “Wow, that’s really fun and original.” These days, it just doesn’t happen all that much.

But then, fortunately for our collective sanity, it actually does happen. Case in point is CBVee’s this spot-on and often hilarious comparison video between the title sequences of two television shows. Both shows are, of course, about fictional characters. However, one was real, in the case of Magnum, PI starring Tom Selleck, and one is completely made up, in the case of the other show known as Han Solo, PI.

Even if you’ve never seen Magnum, PI, the video is still funny and even caused several people here at The Flickcast HQ to laugh out loud. Its videos like this that make us happy to live in a time where the means of production are in the hands of so many different people. Sure, lots of the time you get crap. But sometimes you get gold.

Check out the video after the jump. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks to ADD for the tip.