'Archie' Comics Now Available on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch

‘Archie’ Comics Now Available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch

archie-iphoneSince getting my iPhone a year ago, I have been greedily downloading various applications and wasting a fair amount of time in the process. Do I really need an app that taps out a Morse Code translation for any message that I input? Can I exist without the random rock/paper/scissors generator? Maybe. But here’s the thing though, I found an application that I really don’t think I can live without: Archie Comics on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Since 1979 I have been an avid Archie reader. I spent many an afternoon reading Archie’s TV Laugh Out, Betty and Veronica, and the coveted Double Digests. I still have my threadbare Archie nightshirt from Mervyns, circa 1985, and an old VHS somewhere of the Archie TV movie. In recent years, however, I’ve read fewer and fewer copies of the “Red Headed Rapscallion.” I simply don’t have the time to go hunting at a comic book store and most grocery stores no longer carry comics.

Now, thanks to the folks at iVerse Media, I have the Riverdale High crew at my fingertips, 24/7. With the launch of the new Archie app, we can read about the months prior to our friends starting their first year at Riverdale High. “The Summer Before Freshman Year” is a five part series that chronicles the gang’s transition, apprehension and preparation for high school. Here’s the best thing: Part 1 is Free!

This full color, 62 screen first issue became available on May 22, and is 3.1MB in size. Part 2 is also currently available for $.99, a bargain considering the current cover price of a comic book. Part 1 and Part 2 were originally released as Archie #587 and #588, but now they are available for all you technophiles who find paper and ink to be passé.

Keep your eyes peeled, iVerse and Archie will be rolling out digital issues of Little Archie, Katy Keene, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Young Salem and more for the iPod and iPod Touch soon.  This is comic book appreciation for the 21st century.