Back to the Beginning for 'The Darkness'

Back to the Beginning for ‘The Darkness’

the-darkness-originsWho is Jackie Estacado? What is The Darkness? What powers does it have? How is it connected to Jackie? All of these are questions for anyone who might find themselves picking up The Darkness Volume 2 #78 on comic store shelves later this month. With thirteen years of history to the character, one of the most intimidating things for a new reader is to dive into an established series for the first time. Unlike such iconic characters as Superman, Batman or Spider-Man, The Darkness hasn’t reached a level that everyone, comic fan or not, knows the character’s origin, or even the most important facets of it. But Top Cow is doing something to remedy this problem.

Later this month, Top Cow Productions is publishing The Darkness Origins Volume 1. The first rare six issues of the first volume of this series will be reprinted and packaged together allowing readers to relive the beginning of The Darkness.  According to Top Cow’s official info on the book:

“The Darkness Origins Volume 1 tells the story of how mafia hitman Jackie Estacado was blessed and cursed on his 21st birthday when he inherited the power of The Darkness. Readers will learn how the elemental force of The Darkness gives Estacado access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the demons who dwell there. This volume collects the origin of Estacado as the current bearer of The Darkness, and introduces classic characters such as the Angelus, Butcher, and Sonatine.”

Given the recent success of Witchblade Origins Volumes 1 and 2, it only makes sense that Top Cow would give this treatment to their next most popular character. With Witchblade having her own TV show already, fans shouldn’t forget the 2007 hit video game, The Darkness. One of the first horror shooters of the current video game generations, The Darkness had some chilling moments that were no doubt inspired by the events happening in the upcoming Darkness Origins Volume 1 Trade Paperback.

With not just superstar writer Garth Ennis, of Preacher and Punisher fame, these original six issues of The Darkness were drawn by Top Cow Founder and CEO Mark Silvestri — an artist of, among some many things, the upcoming Dark Avengers/X-Men: Utopia crossover from Marvel.

And don’t worry, The Flickcast will be experiencing The Darkness for the first time with you so look for a review of the upcoming trade paperback as it gets closer to the release.