Sam Rockwell Has '2 Weeks to Go' In New 'Moon' Video Clip

Sam Rockwell Has ‘2 Weeks to Go’ In New ‘Moon’ Video Clip

sam-rockwell-moonOver at Yahoo Movies, they’ve got another new clip for the Sam Rockwell starrer Moon to share. Sadly, they won’t allow embeds, so you’ll have to go there to see it. This new clip features Rockwell, who stars as lunar miner Sam Bell, a man spending three years alone on the lunar surface overseeing a process that harvests energy from the moon.

Fortunately, he’s only got two weeks left before he can go home. Unfortunately, he’s starting to get “cabin fever” and is experiencing strange visions he can’t explain. All of this concerns his only companion on the moon, a computer named GERTY — played by Kevin Spacey in the film. As Bell’s time gets even shorter, his visions turn into something even more frightening and he starts to believe he’s not alone — someone or something is on the moon with him.

Think that sounds interesting? So do we. To fully experience just how cool we think this new movie is going to be, check out the trailer after the jump. Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones, hits theaters later this year.