Weblink Wednesday: The Point Radio

Weblink Wednesday: The Point Radio

logo_10dLet’s face it, the world of terrestrial FM radio has gotten pretty terrible in the past decade or so, which is why we’ve moved on to things like satellite, iPods, and internet radio stations. Well, finally, there’s an internet radio station (that you can listen to on your iPod or iPhone) for us geeks!

Meet The Point Radio, one of the first 24/7 internet radio stations dedicated to the world of pop culture.

On The Point, there are plenty of shows for the pop-savvy, from the obscure music show Weird Sounds inside the Gold Mine, which airs every Sunday at 7pm EDT, to our very own The Flickcast, which airs every Wednesday at 1pm EDT, with reruns running through Sunday.

When it comes to music, there is no song too popular or obscure, from Beyonce to the Beatles to a Supremes/Nirvana mash-up, you really never know what you’re going to hear next, and that makes for quite an experience.

Of course, like all real these days, you can hit up The Point in all of your social networks, from Facebook to Twitter and even get the point on your Mobile device. Check out The Point Radio and enjoy a true pop culture radio station today!