The Season Six 'Entourage' Poster

The Season Six ‘Entourage’ Poster

entourage-season-six-poster-smallAs someone who used to work in “the business,” I’ve never really been a fan of shows that deal with Hollywood. Having been in the trenches for real, the imaginary machinations of fictional characters always left me cold. That is, until I watched HBO’s Entourage.

The show’s combination of style, humor and the fact that its about the characters and their friendships first and then its also about their struggle to make it in Hollywood, changed my mind about these kinds of shows and made me a fan and devoted watcher. Now, the show is about to premiere its sixth season on HBO and we’ve got the poster for that season, complete with a tag line that reads “Life Changes. Friends don’t.”

When we last left our heroes, things were starting to get interesting for Vince as he was about to start work on Marty Scorsese’s Great Gatsby re-imagining and the gang had moved home to Queens. This new season looks to be one where the guys start to get a few breaks and things begin to turn for Vince, at least according to rumor. If true, that’s a good thing because he’s really been having a hard time of it lately, what with the failure of his last two movies.

Plus, the rest of the gang should be able to pull it together and start to come into their own this season. After all, they can’t always be in Vince’s shadow, can they?

Entourage returns to HBO on Sunday, July 12th at 10:30PM ET. Check out the bigger poster after, you guessed it, the jump.