Neil Marshall Taking On 'Predators'?

Neil Marshall Taking On ‘Predators’?

HP Portrait StudioOne of our favorte directors here at The Flickcast, Neil Marshall, is apparently in talks to take on another project that we’ve mentioned here before in connection with Robert Rodriguez. According to Bloody Disgusting, the man responsible for the super cool werewolves versus soldiers film Dog Soldiers, the cool spelunkers versus creatures film The Descent, and the sorta cool Rona Mitra versus everyone film Doomsday, may take on the reboot of the Predator franchise cleverly entitled Predators.

To be clear, this is just a rumor at this point. Nobody has signed anything on the line that is dotted and nobody is drinking any coffee yet (Look it up). Still, given Marshall’s experience with atmospheric creature films, his ability to make his movies look very good on a limited budget, and his experience with action, he may be a great choice to take on Predators.

But still, this is all rumor and speculation. For all we know, the studio could just be dangling Marshal in front of Robert Rodriguez to get him to commit to directing the film himself. Or, Marshall may actually be in real negotiations for the job?

No matter what the truth really is (And we may never know), things at least look to be moving forward on the Predator reboot front — something that, as a fan of the franchise who thinks it needs another chance, I couldn’t be happier about.