12 Minutes from Ron Moore's 'Virtuality'

12 Minutes from Ron Moore’s ‘Virtuality’

virtuality-castFox has released about twelve minutes of clips from BSG Exec. Producer Ron Moore’s upcoming tv movie that may or may not end up being a series Virtuality. The footage helps give all kinds of insight into the world, characters and situations that the show depicts. Of course, seeing these makes me hope the show does get picked up. But sadly, that’s pretty unlikely at this point, which is why Fox is airing the tv movie version.

More in the style and tone of Blade Runner or Alien than BSG, this show, in case you’re not familiar, concerns a dozen astronauts on a journey crucial to the survival of life on Earth. The crew can access a virtual world to keep them entertained during their decade-long journey. When problems begin with the virtual system, things get tense and the crew begins to wonder what’s real and what’s just part of their virtual world.

Virtuality was directed by Peter Berg and features Sienna Guillory, Clea DuVall and James D’Arcy. It airs Friday, June 26th on Fox. Check out all the footage after the jump.