'Funny People' Goes Viral?

‘Funny People’ Goes Viral?

Picture 1Funny People, this summer’s collaboration between Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler, looks to be shaping up into quite the film. As of late, it looks like the marketing team has taken a few tips from last year’s Tropic Thunder as the website George-Simmons.com goes live.

George Simmons is the pseudo-biographical main character that Sandler is playing in Funny People, who has done a string of bad comedies over the years. With the launch of the site, we now get a peak at some of the very bad comedies…and they’re actually pretty funny. Of course, the clips are meant to be bad on purpose, but it’s nice to see Hollywood turn a mirror on some of the bad stories that have been in recent films.

For example, here’s the synopsis for the fake film Re-Do:

Craig, a workaholic lawyer, never made time for his relationships. Alone and depressed on his 40th birthday, he wonders about the life he could have lead. But be careful what you wish for…you might just find yourself in diapers! When a wizard gives Craig a second chance at his youth, he discovers that sometimes it takes becoming a baby to learn how to be a man.

Check out a clip from the fake film, also starring Drag Me to Hell’s Justin Long, after the jump. Also rolled out on the site are clips for Sayonara Dave and Dog’s Best Friend. Funny People hits theaters July 31.