'Transformers 2' Already outselling 'Star Trek' in Advanced Tickets

‘Transformers 2’ Already outselling ‘Star Trek’ in Advanced Tickets

With July just around the corner, and half of the big summer blockbusters already out in theaters for the year, questions are coming up on what the “next big thing for 2009” will be. According to a press release by Fandango, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen looks to be the one to put your money on.

The film is currently outpacing this summer’s Star Trek movie and the original Transformers in advance ticket sales on Fandango at the same point in those films’ sales cycles (one week before release date).

“For nearly two years – since the last Transformers opened – this new movie has been one of the most highly-anticipated films among fans on our site,” says Rick Butler, Chief Operating Officer of Fandango. “Tickets for the new Transformers are already selling fast, so moviegoers should plan on buying their tickets in advance, as many showtimes are certain to sell out next week.”

This means that advanced tickets for Revenge of the Fallen are outselling the pre-sales for Star Trek a whopping seven days before the film even hits theaters. With Trek bringing in $233 million since it’s May 8 release, this could mean Dark Knight numbers for the Michael Bay robot flick.

Along with the advanced projections, Fandango also surveyed nearly 2,000 people who plan to see the film next week and came up with some interesting results. Of that group, 88% say that their fans of Michael Bay as a director, 68% say that they were fans of the cartoon series growing up, and 39% are males between the ages of 18-34, which could severely hurt the winning streak that The Hangover currently has in the box office.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits theaters Wednesday, June 24.