XBox 360 On the Dallas Cowboys Stadium LCD Wall

XBox 360 On the Dallas Cowboys Stadium LCD Wall

If you’re a fan of video games, big televisions and general awesomeness then this video is for you. Why? Well, it depicts one of the truly awesome experience you can have if you’re an avid gamer and have always wanted to really get your game on in a big, big way.

A tipster sent this in to Engadget showing a player using the enormendous 72 x 160-foot ‘LED wall’ at Dallas Cowboys Stadium to play some Gears of War. Later, video emerged of said player engaged in a bit of Halo and showing off his XBox Gamers Score (which isn’t that much better than mine, btw).

Supposedly, the stadium was being set up for the Jonas Brothers’ June 20th concert and the person taking advantage of this rather unique opportunity was the group’s video director Steve Fatone. Its a cool video and shows what some people will do when given the chance. But really, can you blame him? I would do it in a second.

Check out the video after the break.

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