Conan Airs Ed McMahon Tribute on 'The Tonight Show'

Conan Airs Ed McMahon Tribute on ‘The Tonight Show’

carson-mcmahonLast night on The Tonight Show, Conan O’ Brian aired a couple clips to pay his respects to the late, great Ed McMahon who died yesterday at the age of 86. Among the great moment he showcased were several clips of Mc Mahon and Carson together, a clip of McMahon visiting Conan and his co-host Andy Richter to play a little game of quarters and Conan and Andy talked a bit about McMahon’s great comic timing.

The clips showcase what a talented and consumate professional McMahon really was and how much Conan and Richter owe to the classic comedic duo of Carson and McMahon that came before them. Check out the clips after the jump.