James Cameron Shows 'Avatar' Footage

James Cameron Shows ‘Avatar’ Footage

avatar-shipOh to be in Amsterdam this week. No, not just for the friendly people, the Heineken beer brewery tour or the many other exotic attractions. There’s another reason Amsterdam was the place to be this week: James Cameron screened 24 minutes of his upcoming film Avatar at the Cinema Expo there. The Audiences reaction to the footage? The words “jaw-dropping”, for example, were used several times in the description over at Coming Soon.

Flanked by the films stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Lang, Cameron himself introduced the footage declaring that the 3D renaissance had arrived. Also according to the tipster at Coming Soon, the footage “utilized the RealD XL Cinema System. The 3D presentation was on a 55-foot screen with nearly 10-foot Lamberts of light, delivering the largest and brightest 3D presentation at Cinema Expo.” Nice.

Cameron also released two more images from the film to help build the hype. Obviously, we’re eager to see the movie, which rumor says will be featured in a panel and possible screening of some of the footage at Comic-Con next month. We’ve also heard that Cameron is trying to get Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center rigged for 3-D projection to screen the footage. If so, I think you better start lining up now if you want to see it.

Avatar hits theaters in December. Check out the bigger images after the jump.


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