A 'Special' Promo for HBO's 'Hung'

A ‘Special’ Promo for HBO’s ‘Hung’

thomas-jane-hungPreviously, we gave you some info about the new HBO show Hung, featuring Thomas Jane as a guy with problems, no money and no choice who ends up using the one big asset he has left to make a living. Yes, I’m talking about his penis. There, I said it. The show is about a guy who with a large penis who becomes a prostitute and uses his penis to make a living.

Moving past that, reviews of the show and mentions of it online have all made one “penis” joke or another because the show is, ostensibly, about a guy’s member and most people who write tv reviews these days, particularly online, tend to act like ten year old boys. Of course, the crazy kids at Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to take it one step further and made a video to show you exactly what that means. But really, can you blame them? The show is about a guy’s penis after all.

No, the video doesn’t feature any Thomas Jane nudity, sorry ladies. It is, however, quite funny and worth a look. Hung airs Sundays at 10PM on HBO. Check out the video after the jump.