Dave's Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

Dave’s Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

Captain-America-Reborn-01-smallThis is a big week for comics. Steve Rogers returns from the dead, the really beautiful Justice League: Cry for Justice book comes out and another new Deadpool book (because one can never have enough of those) hts the comic store shelves.

“Nobody ever really stays dead in comics.” That’s about as tired a phrase as “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Still, things certainly don’t change for Marvel Comics in this sense as they are bringing back Steve Rogers from the dead as Captain America in Captain America: Reborn #1. Eisner, and now Harvey, nominated writer Ed Brubaker guides this book with art by Bryan Hitch (Ultimates, Fantastic Four). I’m getting this one for sure.

Another Marvel book that I’m really pumped for is another Deadpool mini. Let’s count ’em: there’s regular Deadpool with Daniel Way and Paco Medina, there’s Deadpool: Suicide Kings (which is selling out big time) with Mike Benson and now there’s Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth.  Which, let’s just say, should fulfill your need for zombies – and dinosaurs and dimension-hopping. Ah, click on the link it should be a lot of fun.

Now wasn’t Batman and Robin #1 weird stuff? I can see where those David Lynch comments from Morrison come from when it comes to this series.  There’s a new second issue, which comes out this week, and I really want to see how far Morrison and Quitely drive this.

The final book I’m pumped for is Justice League: Cry for Justice written by James Robinson (Starman, Superman) with art by rising star Mauro Cascioli (Trial of Shazam). This book just looks GORGEOUS, and has a Green Lantern/Green Arrow team-where the duo form a task force to hunt down the villains from Final Crisis that butchered Batman and Martian Manhunter. This looks like its going to be a glorious beautiful trip.

As always, here at The Flickcast we care about what you read, so if none of this stuff appeals to you Midtown Comics has a stellar list of what comes out this week. Otherwise, let us know what you liked from this week’s releases in the comments.

Happy reading!