Marvel Unveils First Look at 'The Marvels Project'

Marvel Unveils First Look at ‘The Marvels Project’

TheMarvelsProject_01_JimenezCoverAs we may have mentioned once or twice before, we kinda like comics here at The Flickcast. Be they from big companies, small companies, published online or something in between, if its sequential art, we try to read it. Some of the best titles around come from one of the biggest companies in comics, Marvel. Today, Marvel continues the trend by announcing another new bunch of very intriguing titles that all tie-in to what they’re calling The Marvels Project.

This new series of books are, according to Marvel, “from the Captain America Eisner-winning team of Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting.” They allow readers to “discover the hidden connections that bring together Marvel’s earliest super heroes as the world stands on the brink of war! Who will create the first super soldier? And how does this affect the Marvel Universe today?”

Those are some great questions and ones I’m looking forward to finding out the answers to. Plus, I can’t help feeling this might have something to do with the upcoming feature film versions of Captain America and The Avengers. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Issue #1 of The Marvels Project hits the shelves of your favorite comic shop in August. In the meantime, we’ve got several preview pages and some cool covers to show you from the new books right now after the jump.

Check ’em out!