'Twilight' Manga on the Way

‘Twilight’ Manga on the Way


I realize its been at least a few days since we had anything here about Twilight, so in order to not further disappoint fans of Stephanie Meyer’s creation, I’ve got some new info for you right now. This time around, as first announced by The Flickcast friends MTV’s Splashpage, the long-anticipated Manga adaptation of the Twilight saga will finally, um, see the light of day from Yen Press.

According to the site, Twilight is “officially” coming to comics but sadly, at least for fans of the films, you won’t be treated to super-realistic versions of Meyer’s characters taken directly from the movies. Instead, “certain” features unique to Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon actors such as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will influence the drawings by Korean artist Young Kim. Although I’ll bet even though the intent is not to make the characters in the Manga look exactly like the movie’s actors, it will end up looking a lot like them once the Manga is released.

But don’t worry, even if the artist does stray away from the actor’s likenesses, the Manga will still have the Twllight seal of approval because Meyer will oversee every panel and detail of the project. Based on the story’s description in the article, it seems the Manga will be a straight adaptation of the existing stories, which makes sense and is probably the easiest to do. Also, there’s no word yet on how many books are currently planned but be sure if it sells well (and it will) there will be a bunch of them.

Its too bad they don’t have this ready now and can sell copies at next week’s Comic-Con in San Diego right after the Twilight panel finishes up in Hall H. If they did have the Manga ready, you can be sure they would sell every single copy and probably have hundreds of back orders as well.

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