SDCC: Comic-Con gets 'Googled' Courtesy of Jim Lee

SDCC: Comic-Con gets ‘Googled’ Courtesy of Jim Lee

Comic-Con Google LogoHave you had a chance to look at Google’s homepage today? To celebrate the first full day of the San Diego Comic-Con, Google changed their iconic logo into a truly inspired piece by DC artist Jim Lee. The temporary logo features Batman, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Robin and Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan.

Aside from the homage to and recognition of Comic-Con as an event in American pop culture, Google is also promoting their new iGoogle comics theme. You can now personalize your homepage with themes ranging from superhero and alternative comics to manga and more.

With over 50 different themes to choose from (Superman, Iron Man and TOKYOPOP to name a few), every comic lover is sure to find a character that suits them. A full list of available themes can be found here.