SDCC: Peter Jackson Discusses 'The Hobbit'

SDCC: Peter Jackson Discusses ‘The Hobbit’

Fans who thought that Peter Jackson’s presence at this year’s Comic-Con meant that he would have big news regarding the release of The Hobbit are in for a bit of a disappointment. Cinematical reports that Jackson revealed The Hobbit is much farther away than fans have been led to believe.

Prior to his appearance, rumors circulated that Jackson (who is producing with Guillermo del Toro directing) would announce who would star as Bilbo Baggins in the highly-anticipated double-feature prequel at Comic-Con. Far from announcing who was cast, he claimed they’re not even close to choosing one. “Everyone assumes we’re casting but we’re not,” he said.

Jackson related that they’re three or four weeks away from finishing the first draft of the script, and that the film isn’t even really greenlit yet. Once the draft is handed in, they still need to get approval on the script and have the budget approved before any casting decisions will be made. Fans shouldn’t panic however; the film will certainly be made, but wait a few months before you start looking for a casting announcement.

The first Hobbit film is due to hit theaters in December of 2011.